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What a Fintech can do for you

Payments management tools

Multiple integrations, for different areas

Different currencies simultaneously

Available to merchant ecommerce

Subscription-based service

Real-time dashboards and data analysis

Understanding Fintech

Once related to the technology applied to the back office of banks, today it is more than that. As the name implies, Fintech, is the junction of two areas, namely finance and technology, and is one of the fastest growing sectors, with high evolution prospects. It represents the companies that develop financial services, in order to facilitate financial processes and tools, for developers, merchants and consumers, but also to make them safer, faster and more efficient.

Each fintech follows its own business model, often depending on the area in which it operates: blockchain and cryptocurrency, data science, mobile payments, insurance, consumer banking, personal finance management, among others.

Why Fintech


Why PIPECODES and partnership?

Even faster payments

Ecommerce without borders? Yes, we have! And we also allow customers to choose their favorite payment method. Now payments are easier, faster and safer in over 150 currencies.

High fraud protection

Your business’s online payments are now safer and your customers more satisfied. Minimize friction for legitimate customers through our AI-powered technologies.

Unique ecommerce experience

We use the latest technologies to develop a scalable and adaptable solution for any business, even those with the most complex needs (and customers). Go further and exceed your customers and partners expectations!

Multidisciplinary and available team

An experienced, innovative and always available team to help you achieve your goals. We work daily with people who are motivated and ambitious to make a difference in the world of ecommerce.

“Thank you PIPECODES. It is a pleasure working with you. 🚀”

Diogo Rato – Strategic Partnership Manager at

Integrating multiple online payment methods has never been easier!

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