About WTVision

Since 2001, they have been creating integrated, innovative and effective solutions for the broadcasting industry, based on the development of live operations, software, graphic design, branding, and outsourcing of specialized professionals. Thus revolutionizing the way people view television, and being the preferred supplier of the main producers and televisions around the world. Currently operating in Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Brazil, Bolivia, United Arab Emirates, India and USA. 

They aim to be a reference worldwide in providing solutions and services for the media and entertainment industry.

Key Topics
  • Multi-language institutional website;
  • Page Builder and ease of creating new pages and forms;
  • Structure prepared to integrate with other systems and platforms;
  • Modern and user friendly look & feel;
  • Flexible and scalable software.

The Challenge

WTVision intended to renew the website, making it fully responsive and more stable, facilitating the implementation of improvements whenever necessary. One of the challenges was the migration of the API infrastructure due to the technologies they used. However, after a thorough analysis, possible barriers to migration were identified and eliminated.

Together with the WTVision technical team, it was decided to divide the project into two parts: backend and frontend, to improve the project’s operation.

Years after the end of the first project, the client decided to move forward with an upgrade to the entire online structure, creating a tailored ecommerce, with high capacity to scale quickly with the help of BigCommerce technology, and Storyblok.


Technologies: Gatsby, React, GraphQL, Netlify & NodeJS.
Solutions: Headless WebApp; UI & UX; Development.


Firstly, the priority structures and external services to be integrated via APIs were identified, thus reducing latency and possible vulnerabilities. Likewise, the frontend was also developed based on the initial structure and additional integrations.

WTVision’s main objective was to integrate forms and leads, received via the frontend, to automate specific and segmented actions for each target.

Also implemented were: newsletter subscription (with integration via Mailchimp), free search widget, blog, Google Analytics tracking code, and product indexing pages, with respective layouts and animations.

Currently, WTVision can easily edit and add new content, create new landing pages to gather leads, and of course, benefit from a support channel always available to help.


  • Optimized platform, with automatic notifications;
  • Reports, graphs and statistics available in real time;
  • Several integrations simultaneously;
  • Centralized data and information;
  • Better browsing experience;
  • Ease of editing, inserting and creating new content;
  • Updated appearance, fully responsive platform;
  • Support and continuous improvements. 

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