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The second university, founded in Portugal, was in Évora, shortly after the one in Coimbra opened its doors.

The University of Évora, through its structure and architecture, reconciles the historical past with current technological innovation. Providing its students with pedagogical, cultural and scientific education, in line with the advanced demands of today. Humanities, science, nursing, technology and arts are part of the training areas available, ranging from undergraduate degrees to doctorates.

Currently, the EU describes itself as a “center for the creation, transmission and dissemination of culture, science and technology, which, through the articulation of study, teaching and research, is integrated into the life of society.”

Key Topics
  • Progressive Web App Web Design
  • Custom development
  • Integrations with external tools and platforms
  • Supporting information about accessibility and inclusion

The Challenge

With a view to improving the process and functioning of pastoralism, the University of Évora intended, through a Research Grant for the SUMO Project – Montado Sustainability (financed by national funds), to create a mobile application that would help make more considered and informed decisions. This should include maps of land used by pastoralists and their animals, as well as allowing recording and assessment of the status of each subplot.

The subplots would have information regarding soil conditions (degree of rumex and margaça coverage, and extent of uncovered soil), the state of conservation of the elements (trees, shrubs, herbaceous plants, and lianas), the visibility existing at the site, the presence of dead manta in the soil, among other indicators relevant to grazing activity. 

With this information in your “pocket”, it would be possible to easily record pasture data, and analyze pasture pressure, carrying capacity, and measures to take to ensure the regeneration or maintenance of trees and shrubs. This facilitates the definition of localized actions and the improvement of grazing activity.


Technologies: ReactJS; NodeJS; API; Laravel; Postgres.
Solutions: Progressive Web App; Development; Design.


As part of the Master’s Research Grant, with the Montado Sustainability – SUMO project, from the University of Évora, a mobile application was developed.

Which, integrated with the GPS system, optimizes grazing activity, facilitating the management and maintenance of pasture sites.

With a historical record of the assessments assigned to the plots, as well as the total number of farms carried out, it allows managers to monitor the condition of the soils and natural pastures (which have been increasingly intensively used for livestock farming). This tool facilitates the identification of the period of occupation, animal density, and grazing pressure on a given agricultural holding, with a view to promoting the profitability of the site. Which consequently leads to more informed, fact-based decisions, allowing for subsequent fertilization of the soil, or sowing, to improve the areas.

This is a project also linked to the research and technological development component of Montado sustainability. With an expected completion date of 2025.


  • Web App with custom-designed features;
  • Usability, design and navigation, adapted to project needs;
  • Reserved area, with login and password recovery system;
  • List of beneficiaries and representatives of grazing;
  • Identification of parcels via GPS;
  • Improved customer and admin experience.

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