Sal & Pimenta

About Sal & Pimenta

Sal & Pimenta, a children’s clothing brand, launched in 2008, and which inherited its name from its founder’s dogs, brings the magic of childhood, to kids and adults. With clothes from 0 months to eight years old, it focuses on a revivalist and dreamy aesthetic, inspired by the 1930s to 1970s, thus materializing Teresa Costa’s imagination (the brand’s founder).

The manufacturing and creative process maintains the rigor of the first day, in which all products are made by hand, in local factories and ateliers, in the Lisbon area (Portugal). They are then sold (through other retailers) and sent all over the world, with particular emphasis on: the United States, Spain, the United Kingdom, Finland, Germany, Switzerland, China, and Australia. With growth recorded every year, Sal & Pimenta does not neglect the ecological component, and is committed to ensuring fair and ethical trade.

Key Topics
  • Ecommerce platform migration
  • Portuguese online store that sells to the world
  • Integrations with ERPs, Billing System, CRM, transportation companies
  • Internationalization of the B2C and B2B ecommerce platform
  • Simple product catalog and products with attributes
The Challenge

With the expansion to other markets, and to meet purchasing habits in the respective destinations, Sal & Pimenta wanted to internationalize the online store. Thus creating a structure that would allow any customer to purchase their items, anywhere in the world, respecting legal rates and measures, as well as preferential payment methods. On the other hand, at Sal e Pimenta, it also needs to guarantee a quick and efficient operation of orders from B2B resellers and brand representatives in other countries.


Technologies: Magento 2.X;
Solutions: UI & UX; Development; Ecommerce.


The project was divided into two moments, the first being dedicated to B2C Ecommerce, and the second, to B2B. The project was divided into two moments, the first being dedicated to B2C Ecommerce, and the second, to B2B. For both cases, in addition to implementations with Magento 2X, PIPECODES integrated tools for making payments with local taxes and automatic invoicing, product information management (PIM), and order management (OMS).

One of Sal & Pimenta’s main concerns was related to fiscal integration, since in some markets, there were federal tax differences, but also from state to state/province to province. In this way, PIPECODES created a technology stack that connected everything, from invoicing to product delivery, providing a holistic commercial experience.


  • Two ecommerces, one for the B2C segment and the other for B2B;
  • Availability-sensitive filters and products;
  • Multi-store, multi-language and multi-currency;
  • Platform with access to statistics and data in real time;
  • Integration with external tools to optimize operations.

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