Restaurante Prosa

About Restaurante Prosa

Inspired by the life and work of Eça de Queirós, being an integral part of the Hotel Palacete de Valdemouro (in the city known as the Portuguese Venice, Aveiro), and with a menu designed in collaboration with Chef Rui Paula, Restaurante Prosa was born. An iconic space, where classic meets contemporary, and where the history of the region is strongly represented in the gastronomic experience.

At Restaurante Prosa, “every detail was carefully thought out (…), to create a sober, sophisticated environment”, maintaining the 18th century architecture, whose building once belonged to the family of the writer Eça de Queirós. The perfect symbiosis between the materials used, the concept of the space, and the entire architectural structure, are reflected in the brand’s various points of contact (online and offline).

Key Topics
  • Multi-language institutional website;
  • Page builder and ease of creating new pages and forms;
  • Structure prepared to integrate with other systems and platforms;
  • Modern and user friendly look & feel;
  • Flexible and scalable software.

The Challenge

Restaurante Prosa’s main objective was to guarantee a unique online experience, which was an extension of what occurs in the physical space. Transmitting the same contemporaneity, originality, history, concept, and innovation. Processes such as getting to know the menus and the team, generating reservations, and submitting applications for job offers were part of the project requirements.


Technologies: WordPress, Elementor.
Solutions: Web Design; UI & UX; Development.


The key to the success of this project, and its quick completion, was regular communication and sharing of feedback, between the PIPECODES and Restaurante Prosa teams. This also had an impact on the website’s creative process, whose design, in addition to being visually attractive, reflects the brand’s identity.


  • Customizable, scalable and fully-responsive website;
  • Optimized platform, with automatic notifications;
  • Page builder and custom display widgets;
  • Reports, graphs and statistics available in real time;
  • Several integrations simultaneously;
  • Easy and intuitive user interface and user experience;
  • UX and UI design resources that provide an intuitive, appealing and original experience;
  • Support and continuous improvements. 

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