Not every business is an online product store

Not every business is an online product store

When people hear about ecommerce and online product store, the vast majority believe that the two terms are synonymous. But, what if we tell you that they are not?! Exactly, it is possible for your business to sell online without necessarily being an online store, and in that case, the shopping cart is not even necessary.

In this article, we will talk about the possibility for businesses to sell online, without being an online product store. And we’re also going to tell you how one of our clients grew by more than, 7 times more, in just 6 months, after digitizing his business.

Let’s start by clarifying each term, ecommerce and online product store: the first one, refers to all processes of operating an online business, while the second term, refers to the online purchase and sale of goods and services online.
Since each business has its specificities and target, not all businesses are or have to be an online product store, although they could also sell online!

One of our clients grew by 7 times more, in just 6 months, after digitizing his business.


How to generate revenue?
– Produce and make available content about the product;
– Create an online community and dedicate yourself to it 100%;
– Maintain a good relationship with customers (and business partners);
– Have sales pages (landing page) for direct purchase (immediate purchase button).

As you can see, in this case the shopping cart would just be an extra step, not really being a requirement for the conclusion of the purchase. Although, in some businesses, it makes perfect sense to have a shopping cart and all the flow associated with it. Especially when it comes to websites with a wide range of products.

But let’s focus on ecommerce, which don’t need to be exactly an online product store. By having direct purchase pages, you can prepare and present a text with more emotion and persuasion, reaching out to your target audience (your online community) in an increasingly humane and customized way. And thus, our client adjusts the products to their community, highlighting the benefits they will have, through a clear and totally customized language.
But let’s get to the point…

How did our client, grow 7 times more, in just 6 months?!

In order to guarantee the confidentiality of our client, from now on, we will call him “Client N”.

About the “Client N”, project

“Client N”, provides 100% customized services, in a niche business area, which has been in increasing demand in recent years. In addition to the face-to-face offer, it also offers several online alternatives.

Key Topics
  • Automated processes
  • Digitized business
  • High scalability
  • Sell to all over the world

“CLIENT N” CHALLENGE – What were the business challenge?

– Complex order management;
– Many manual tasks: invoicing, registrations;
– Team allocated too much time to routine tasks;
– Business management on different platforms;
– Difficulty in managing calendar and waiting list;
– Absence of clear metrics and success indicators.


Technologies: WooCommerce, WordPress, InvoiceExpress, euPago, ActiveCampaign;
Solutions: Development, Ecommerce, API Integrations.


What results were achieved by “Client N”, with the digitization of the business?

In addition to optimizing tasks and time management, the results below stand out:
– Faster and more efficient processes, after several automations;
– Several platforms integrations and management in a single backoffice;
– Quick creation of product sales pages;
– Purchase confirmation and automatic invoicing;
– Marketing and customer automation;
– An Average Order Value (average amount that customers spend on each order) of €46;
– Real-time tracking of customer progress;
– Access to statistics panel by customer, product, and by date;

The most important thing in these cases is above all to identify the main tasks that can be automated. Since this configuration can and should occur gradually, in order to initially reduce the load and pressure on human resources, and then implement each flow. In some cases, we even defend that it must first be a functional solution (like in an M.V.P.) and then it can be customized with branding and additional elements.

So remember, your business can be an Ecommerce, it doesn’t need to be an online product store, although you are selling online too!

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