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About NEST Centro de Inovação do Turismo

Formed by the NEST Association – Tourism Innovation Center, and eight founding member entities (Turismo de Portugal, ANA Airports, Brisa Via Verde, Google, Microsoft, Millennium BCP, NOS and BPI), since 2019. NEST aims to promote innovation, supporting the development of new business ideas, training companies in terms of innovation and technology, as well as being an international reference in the areas of entrepreneurship and development of innovative solutions.

Key Topics
  • Web Design and tailor-made development
  • Bilingual Progressive Web App (Pt/ En)
  • Gamification dynamics
  • Support in improving the guest experience
  • Information supporting the hotel and tourism industry

The Challenge

In partnership with Turismo de Portugal, and the Accessible Portugal Association, NEST challenged PIPECODES to develop a Web App, which would train employees in the area of tourism, on inclusive service and accessibility.

The purpose of the Web App would mainly be to improve the experience of guests with specific needs when using tourist spaces/ destinations from Local Accommodations to Hotels. The Web App must contain and respect the following areas: motor, visual, intellectual, auditory limitations, senior segment. In addition to the functionalities adapted to each need, there will also be a gamification component, in the form of Quizz. In other words, tourist companies (their professionals) would demonstrate, through a quiz, their skills regarding each of their guests’ specific needs, thus detecting areas for improvement.


Partners: Turismo de Portugal; Accessible Portugal.
Technologies: React; Laravel.
Solutions: Progressive Web App; Development; Web Design


“GuestAccess” is the name of the Web App developed for the NEST Tourism Innovation Center, with the aim of training employees in the area of tourist accommodation on Accessibility and Inclusive Service, and to improve the experience of guests with specific needs. Available in Portuguese and English, it allows you to consult the various profiles with limitations (Motor, visual, intellectual, auditory limitations, and senior segment), as well as the areas of the accommodation itself (access, reception, room, restaurant and mobility between spaces). 

From a business point of view (in the tourism sector), it helps in acquiring knowledge about the most appropriate/recommended attitudes in each situation, as well as providing a checklist, which can be completed according to existing conditions. Thus helping to comply with current legislation. At the same time, the dynamics of gamification via quiz allows users to test their knowledge and improve their performance (and the workplace).

Finally, any citizen can have access to this free tool, through Google Play or the project’s website.

After its launch, and with the growing use of the platform, and based on feedback shared by its users, new requirements for GuestAccess were identified. The development of new features is currently in the pipeline.


  • Web App with custom-designed features;
  • Usability, design and navigation, adapted to each limitation;
  • Improved customer and admin experience;
  • Intuitive / information in the right places for customers;
  • Increased satisfaction of guests with special needs;
  • Maintenance service, support and continuous improvements.

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