About NERE

NERE – Núcleo Empresarial da Região de Évora, represents a non-profit business association dedicated to the business fabric of the Alentejo Region. Over the years, it has dedicated itself to promoting economic development, and supporting and defending the business interests of its members. Whether through the Alentejo Business Center or the Incubator, NERE has also been promoting several projects, mainly as a space to support entrepreneurship. At the same time, it provides its members with technical and legal support, support in the preparation of applications or strategic plans, with various activities that support the internationalization of the most varied projects.

Key Topics
  • Multi-language institutional website
  • Page builder and ease of creating new pages and forms
  • Structure prepared to integrate with other systems and platforms
  • Modern and user friendly look & feel
  • Administrative Business 2.0 application
  • Flexible and scalable software

The Challenge

In view of the evolution of the market, and in order to keep up with it, and make the brand’s online presence more intuitive and dynamic, NERE wanted a new website. Visually, the image should remain corporate, as the platform would be mainly dedicated to associated companies, the Incubator, and the Business Center. At the same time, they aimed to optimize and automate a large part of the processes, until now, carried out manually. Mainly, those related to the management and operation of members, room reservations, among others.


Technologies: WordPress; Elementor; HTML 5; CSS3.
Solutions: Web Design; UI & UX; Development.


Given the two components of the project, the institutional website, and the business 2.0 application, the execution was, naturally, carried out in two stages.

We started with the website, as the 2.0 application would reflect the branding and structure applied to it. After the requirements gathering phase, discovery and research followed, to create the brand’s online look and feel, including the navigation structure based on UI and UX. Using the team’s experience and know-how, combined with the client’s feedback and objectives, we quickly found the visual solution for the NERE website. Dynamic, intuitive, clean, and sober, are some of the adjectives that characterize the website.

We then moved on to the Business 2.0 Application, which aims, mainly, to optimize and automate tasks and operations, but also to improve the experience of members and associates. And given the aim of Business 2.0, a strong security and controlled access system was developed, with different permissions per type of user. This makes it easier to manage teams, share confidential information, among others.


  • Corporate web design in accordance with the brandbook;
  • Optimized platform, with automatic notifications;
  • News and events area;
  • Reserved area for companies and associates;
  • Security and data encryption;
  • Automation and optimization of processes;
  • Different levels of Administration;
  • Query information in real time;
  • Support and continuous improvements. 

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