MUSA Natural Cosmetics ®

About MUSA Natural Cosmetics ®

The purpose is to be a natural, artisanal brand with strong environmental concern, using conscious ingredients in its production, without the addition of chemicals, synthetic fragrances or synthetic dyes, only containing pure and natural ingredients.

MUSA, therefore, is an Artisanal Soap and Natural Cosmetics Store, which invests in certified raw materials, always keeping in mind concepts such as: sustainability, personal development, and water saving.

With a name that immediately reminds us of mythological beings, the brand reinforces that it is inspired by nature, and sources all the ingredients.

All products, created for the body, face and lips, are manufactured by hand, in Fundão, and then sold in the online store, and other resellers (national and international). Having already developed special editions, where they used ingredients from Fundão Cherry, Port Wine, and Algarve Orange, without ever neglecting concern for the environment, health, and skin.

Key Topics
  • Process automation;
  • Optimization of the checkout process and conversion rate;
  • Correction of backoffice and frontoffice bugs;
  • Website performance and online audit;
  • Long-term relationship.

The Challenge

The MUSA Natural Cosmetics online store, although it allowed the purchase of its products, had some technical problems that directly impacted the conversion rate.

On the other hand, they were also looking for a partner that would allow them to quickly scale the business, given the timeline of their objectives. Therefore, the main objective was mainly to implement the improvements identified, and optimize the customer data registration and recovery processes.


Technologies: WooCommerce.
Solutions: UI & UX; Development; Ecommerce; CRO Optimization.


To meet the needs and timeline of the project, it started with the elements considered priority, and with an immediate impact on the conversion rate and sales. Moving on, later, to the solutions that could be implemented over time, without compromising the proper functioning of the online store.

Performance improvements, user interface and user experience, checkout process and conversion optimization, and real-time reporting were the most relevant areas (and as such, priorities).

As phase two of the project, the team will be allocated to corrections that aim to improve the user experience (navigation, SEO, and new features).


  • Corrections implemented in the Ecommerce backoffice;
  • Remodeling and restructuring at the conversion level;
  • Intuitive and optimized checkout process;
  • Real-time monitoring of online store conversions;
  • Improved operational efficiency, and website stability;
  • Greater ease of managing online store operations;
  • Personalized audit with a view to business scalability;
  • Configuration and Integration with Invoicing System;
  • Mobile Store Optimization;
  • API integration.

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