About McDonald’s

Recognized worldwide, McDonald’s is the leading food service retailer.

It has more than 1.9 million people employed worldwide, as a result of franchisees in more than 100 countries. Advocates for causes such as sustainability, social responsibility (Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC)), and local production strive hard to uplift the communities where they operate. It continues to innovate every year, respecting and maintaining local cultural habits, from end consumers, through operational teams, to franchise managers.

Key Topics
  • Franchisees Application/ Software
  • Online restaurant catalog, at local and national level
  • Various integrations
  • Automated processes
  • Shopping cart (design, content, advertising campaigns, infoboard, flyer, poster, social media post…)
  • Real stats and metrics
  • ADMIN area and access permissions
  • Tailor-made features

The Challenge

With a platform dedicated to franchisees, the fast-food brand intended to provide them with greater management freedom and improve their ability to update (internally). As such, one of the objectives was to refine the experience within the platform, for each of the franchisees’ locations, always ensuring that operations and flows would be aligned with the brand’s values.

Naturally, adaptations to the platform needed to happen without interrupting the proper functioning and (internal) management of the stores. Since franchisees depend on the brand’s back office, to interact with the design, communication, and brand promotion teams, but also to provide more personalized service to customers.

Therefore, it was a requirement of McDonald’s to carry out continuous maintenance and support on the B2B portal.


Technologies: .NET C#;
Solutions: Franchising & Marketing WebApp (B2B).


In close collaboration with the McDonald’s team, we (re)designed and adapted the current franchisee platform. Considering the brand’s requirements and technical specifications, the renewal of the platform aimed to improve the user experience, facilitating approval, design and dissemination processes. Thus, making the entire operation of the various McDonald’s stores more efficient and intuitive, at the same time, improving the management and maintenance of the B2B WebApp.


  • Optimized platform, with automatic notifications;
  • Reports, graphs and statistics available in real time;
  • Several integrations simultaneously;
  • Centralization of franchisees Application;
  • Updated brand franchisee experience;
  • Integrations/ dataflows to maximize efficiency as per business requirements;
  • Updated appearance, fully responsive platform;
  • Support and continuous improvements. 

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