About Lactogal

On the market since 1996, Lactogal, an agri-food company, is a reference in the area of dairy products and their derivatives, in Portugal, through brands such as: Mimosa, Agros, Matinal, Gresso, Vigor, Pleno, Castelões, Milhafre dos Açores, Primor, Serra Dourada, Castelinhos, Serra da Penha and Fresky.

The quality of its products and services, as well as transparency and cooperation with partners and customers, are part of its commitment as a brand. Thus contributing to the improvement of milk production conditions in Portugal.

Key Topics
  • Administrative portal for suppliers and customers
  • Scalable and flexible solution
  • Security and data encryption
  • Automation and optimization of processes
  • Different levels of Administration
  • Query information in real time

The Challenge

Faced with several challenges that they faced daily, mainly with regard to operations with suppliers/partners, but also with their own customers, Lactogal sought help from PIPECODES. The solution to be implemented should be efficient (and fast enough to reduce the impact on the company’s daily operations), and adapted to its long-term growth plans. Therefore, and after the participation of other companies in the challenge distributed by Lactogal to several suppliers (from the Administrative Portal), PIPECODES was the chosen partner. The availability (and flexibility) of the team, and the knowledge demonstrated in PHP with Laravel, matched the client’s requirements.


Technologies: Laravel; PHP; HTML 5; CSS 3; JS; Microsoft SQL Server; SAP S4 HANA; SAP OpenText;
Solutions: Administrative Portal (B2B).


In order to simplify internal operations, improve partner experience, and optimize administrative processes, a Financial/ Administrative Portal was developed as a strategic tool. Which in turn is divided into two areas, BackOffice and FrontOffice, the first being aimed at the company’s employees, and the latter, for Lactogal Group partners. It even has a strong security system and controlled access, with different permissions by type of user.


  • Optimized Administrative Portal, with automatic notifications;
  • Real-time financial data query;
  • Automated Ticket system and Helpdesk, with personalized responses;
  • Access permissions and different user profiles; 
  • Data security and encryption;
  • Daily data synchronization and update;
  • Support and continuous improvements. 

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