Genial Picnic

About Genial Picnic

The project began with the ambition of two entrepreneurial women, Fátima Moura and Teresa Santos, both with a close connection to the area of gastronomy and tourism. They intended to innovate the concept of traditional picnics, and transform them into a “showcase of local gastronomy, different for each municipality and each region”. Without neglecting, obviously, the environmental and sustainable aspect. Which is why each picnic can be transported in a reusable Kraft paper backpack, thus avoiding the typical basket.

Although the project began in Alto Alentejo, it currently covers the map of Portugal, with a network of local partners, carefully chosen by the founders.

In addition to picnics, they also hold business and social events, such as birthday parties, baptisms and weddings.

Key Topics
  • New multilingual ecommerce, fully responsive and with integrated billing module
  • Content creation – blog
  • More modern look/updated brand presence
  • “Search and discover” functionality with suggestions
  • Intuitive shopping journey and optimized Checkout
  • Management of stocks, products and delivery points, in real time
  • Customer and order management

The Challenge

– Lack of platform to automatically manage orders;
– Manual management of reservations and invoicing;
– Ambition to provide a better (and more comfortable) experience for the customer.


Technologies: WooCommerce;
Solutions: UI & UX; Development; Ecommerce; API Integrations;


Genial Picnic was looking for a fast and intuitive ecommerce environment, with integration of a booking system, instead of the platform it used. At the same time, it intended to present the content in an attractive way, reinforcing the brand’s presence, and with a dynamic navigation and experience.

On the other hand, they were also looking for a partner that would allow them to quickly scale the business, given the timeline of objectives.

As such, an online store was created, adapted for mobile devices, which also included a blog. Furthermore, several widgets were introduced in the online store, which are fully editable. This allows the Genial Picnic team to change content autonomously, without the intervention of a developer.


  • A solution centralized in booking requests via the web;
  • Customizable and scalable ecommerce, with intuitive page builder;
  • Improved customer and admin experience;
  • Reduced manual work and improved operational efficiency.

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