Bond Touch

About Bond Touch

They are pioneers in emotional wearables and have an innovative connection concept, namely “Love Touches All”. Bond Touch goal is to strengthen long-distance relationships!

Key Topics
  • Online store stability
  • Security
  • High scalability
  • Various integrations
The Challenge

Intending to migrate the online store from Shopify to BigCommerce, in order to have more integrations, stability and an even more secure solution with high scalability.


Partners: BigCommerce
Solutions: UI & UX; Development;
Ecommerce; API Integrations;


This was a disruptive and very challenging project, and it was very important for the customer that the online store reflect the brand’s values and ideals. It was clear from the start that BigCommerce was the most suitable solution for this project!
As they market and ship their products to more than 30 countries (inside and outside the European Union) and each online store has to be adapted, we’ve also made this process faster and more efficient.
Communication between the two teams, PipeCodes and Bond Touch, was always regular, and we were lucky to have all the support and help from the Bond Touch team during all stages of the process, and in this way, we guarantee the fulfillment of all the requirements and deadlines defined for the project.
The result was a robust and fast multistore, with intuitive navigation, fast checkout, integrated invoicing, and with the elements of the brand always present.

  • Mobile devices optimization
  • Custom checkout experience
  • Secure payments
  • API Integrations: invoicing, payments, mulisstore, page builders, shipping

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