Having been in the market for over 100 years, and headquartered in Portugal, BIAL develops and provides new therapeutic solutions in the health sector, currently being a reference throughout the world. Its mission is to improve human health and quality of life, through innovation, internationalization, and quality. “Keeping life in mind.”

With a strong focus on the area of neurosciences and cardiovascular diseases, and a strong investment in Innovation and Development (R&D).

Key Topics
  • Multi-language website CMS Manager
  • Structure prepared to integrate with other systems and platforms
  • Modern and user friendly look & feel
  • Professionals reserved area – Login
  • Flexible and scalable software

The Challenge


Technologies: Umbraco CMS; Microsoft SQL Server; TS.
Solutions: Web Development; UI & UX; Web Design.



  • Optimized Administrative Portal, with automatic notifications;
  • Real-time financial data query;
  • Access permissions and different user profiles; 
  • Data security and encryption;
  • Daily data synchronization and update;
  • Support and continuous improvements. 

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