Associação Salvador

About Associação Salvador

Salvador Mendes de Almeida, the name that gives face to the association, founded in 2003, which works in the area of motor disabilities. Improving the quality of life of people with mobility disabilities, and promoting their inclusion in society, are the pillars that form the company’s vision, as well as raising society’s awareness of equal opportunities.

Improving the quality of life of people with mobility disabilities, and promoting their inclusion in society, are the pillars that form the company’s vision, as well as raising society’s awareness of equal opportunities.

With this purpose in mind, it has developed several projects over the years, which improve the quality of life of countless people. These are based on three aspects: knowledge, integration, and awareness, each of which has its impact and contribution to society.

Some examples are: creation of cooperation networks; inclusive events, employment support, adapted sports; road prevention campaigns and calls for compliance with the Accessibility Law.

Key Topics
  • Progressive Web App Web Design
  • Custom development
  • Integrations with external tools and platforms
  • Supporting information about accessibility and inclusion
The Challenge

Reflecting the vision, mission and values that govern the brand, they intended to have a Progressive Web App that, in addition to helping people with accessibility limitations, would also increase awareness about the various levels of accessibility, digital, physical and social barriers that exist. in certain locations. This should be a collaborative Web App, where each user would make their contribution, identifying areas without access/with limitations, and listing improvements to be made. Therefore, it would involve higher education students, educational establishment employees, and other stakeholders, through a “learning methodology in a community context“.

Another of the project’s objectives would be to encourage higher education institutions and European cities to adopt accessibility strategies at the level of: “built environment and public spaces, public facilities and services, transport and related infrastructures, location-pin- information and communication, legally binding accessibility standards, and also considering information and communication technologies.

In summary, the “Map4Accessibility (M4A) project has its origins in a combination of social inclusion, accessibility for disabled people, civic engagement and ICT-based solutions“.


Technologies: React; Laravel.
Solutions: Progressive Web App; Development.


A Progressive Web App was developed to map public spaces in 4 European cities, Lisbon (Portugal), Berlin (Germany), Blagoevgrad (Bulgaria), and Catania (Italy). Which means that Map4Accessibility (the Progressive Web App created), allows users to describe the physical and web accessibility of various locations and objects, providing relevant information about accessibility levels. To this end, the platform relies on the intervention and collaboration of higher education students and employees of higher education Universities (project partners), in order to increase awareness of the digital, physical and social barriers by which people accessibility limitations they experience.

Map4Accessibility, has an Admin Backend and API to identify and list accessible points, public places and directions. And features were included such as: Registration/ Login (create account, login with Google or Facebook); Dashboard and statistics; User profile; Accessibility screen; Map (create new place and define route); Place (detail and create new assessment); Consult the ranking (city, country and location); Back office; Navigation map; Multi-language.


  • Progressive Web App with custom-designed features;
  • Usability, design and navigation;
  • Improved customer and admin experience;
  • Information presented on accessibility levels by location/ city;
  • Increased satisfaction of guests with special needs.

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About Payments Gate

An innovative solution that provides all payment methods in one place, with easy and fast integration and payment monitoring. Its main mission is to provide a centralized platform where payments are easily tracked and integrated with other software/ecommerce, but at the same time, that allows billing and query metrics and results in real time.

Key Topics

  • Payments API
  • All-in-one solution
  • Invoicing
  • Statistics
  • Subscription plans
  • Various integrations
  • White-label Platform
  • SaaS Software

The Challenge

Create a scalable payment gateway – global API – that allows automatic integration with various payment platforms, which at the same time reduces the documentation required by developers. Everything must happen online, and subscriptions carried out via Saas.


Partners: Payments Gate.
Solutions: Fintech; UI & UX; Payments API; Integrations.


An Global API that integrates all payment methods, quickly and securely, instead of the usual manual integration. PayPal, MBWay, MB, Credit and Debit Card, are just some of the available payment methods, and you can track the history of operations for each of them, as well as their metrics.

With an integrated invoicing module, Payments Gate allows you to quickly issue invoices and manage purchase orders, while you can choose the subscription that best suits your needs (without the need for a contract between the service provider and the customer).


  • Security using cutting edge technology
  • Payment control and follow-up
  • More comfortable experience for merchants (especially)
  • White-labeled platform
  • API Integrations: invoicing, payments, subscription plans
About Onjuris

Onjuris is an Online Legal Software that facilitates contact between clients and lawyers, quickly and completely securely, anywhere. Through functionalities dedicated to the legal industry, it guarantees greater productivity and financial control.

Key Topics

  • Online legal software
  • Cybersecurity
  • Time control
  • High scalability
  • AI resource
  • Various integrations
  • SaaS Software

The Challenge

Provide a privileged and close communication channel between Lawyers and Clients, which allows for online legal consultations, legal cases monitoring, cost transparency and a comfortable experience for those involved.


Partners: Onjuris
Solutions: Legaltech; Web App; UI & UX; Development; API Integrations.


A project conceived and developed completely in-house, from M.V.P, through technological implementation, to marketing and sales. 

The platform had to meet the needs of the industry, reflecting the terminologies, flows, and working methodologies of each law firm, from the freelance attorney to the firm that operates worldwide. As it is an industry that deals with such sensitive topics, some of the project requirements were clear, cybersecurity, data encryption and secure document sharing via the cloud. Due to Onjuris’ high scalability, and the team allocated to the project, technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, smart contracts, among others, can be quickly and easily implemented.

We also had the collaboration and contribution of some Lawyers, when holding a focus group to collect feedback and hold meetings.

The result was a 100% online legal software, for lawyers and citizens, which provides greater efficiency to the office, and more convenience and flexibility for the parties involved.


  • Cost and human error reduction
  • Greater process and deadline control
  • Time control and assured payments
  • Cybersecurity and complete file privacy
  • More comfortable experience for all participants
  • API Integrations: invoicing, payments, Google Calendar, Citius