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About Accessible Portugal

Since 2006, the company Acessible Portugal has been promoting Accessible Tourism for everyone in Portugal, providing innovative (and inclusive) and quality tourism. From organizing stays, tours, tours, tourist entertainment, or activities designed according to specific needs, Accessible Portugal meets the access requirements of customers/ tourists with special needs.

Lastly, and not least, they are defenders of the adjective “inclusive”, as they define it as: “the appropriate term to mean treating people equally, respecting differences and responding appropriately to their specific needs”.

Key Topics
  • Progressive Web App Web Design
  • Custom development
  • Gamification dynamics
  • Fun and responsible teaching method
  • Supporting information about accessibility and inclusion

The Challenge

With the aim of raising awareness among children and young people about the issues of disability and inclusion, and encouraging them to be “Guardians of Inclusion”, Accessible Portugal intended to add a digital component to the project. At the same time, it also provided tools to train teachers on the topics, in order to help them develop a more fun and natural approach.

Naturally, all project support (online and offline) aims to build an egalitarian society (mainly in schools) and inclusive, where everyone has equal access to everything. Thus eliminating stereotypes about people with disabilities, or any prejudices associated with them.

In addition to the Web App, and this is a project aimed at the three cycles of basic education, it has other support developed by Accessible Portugal partner entities. This gave rise to the “Teaching Pack”, consisting of: Web App, Board game, Support materials, and the Awareness Module for Teachers (Course, support manual and activity manual).

Who will be the next Guardian of Inclusion?


Technologies: React; Laravel.
Solutions: Progressive Web App; Development.


With regard to PIPECODES’ intervention, the challenge was the creation of the Web App, “Guardians of Inclusion”. Free to access, and using gamification dynamics, the Web App allows you to: reinforce the themes of diversity, accessibility and inclusion; Earn points, reach other levels, and compete for the title of best “Guardian of Inclusion”.


  • Progressive Web App with custom-designed features;
  • Usability, design and navigation;
  • Improved customer and admin experience;
  • Intuitive/ information in the right places for customers;
  • Increased satisfaction of guests with special needs;
  • Maintenance service, support and continuous improvements.

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